You are overqualified for this position?
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You are overqualified for this position?

Date : May 11, 2016

How many times have you heard that phrase in a job interview?

And you wonder, this is not good? Why did I disapprove?

This is the point of view of those looking for outplacement in the job market, but there is the other side - the employer.

Usually the interviewers make the same approaches, especially for operational positions:

- Tell me about yourself.

- What are your professional experience?

- What is your graduation?

- Why do you consider yourself fit for performing this function?

- What do you expect?

Have you ever wondered why these questions, what the employer wants, what the company culture and especially what their motives to applying for this job?

If you are very qualified for the job, maybe you are applying for the need for SURVIVAL. Unless, in some exceptions, change work.

In many situations, the employer already knows this and confirmed at the time of interview for this particular job the profile is not the most appropriate. Although few, good companies they use their skills to other opportunities.

Other employers do not require skilled professionals, because the first proposal for a better position you will submit your resignation and generating rotating and the whole selection process generates burdens. He simply want workers, not thinking and active minds.

Many of them still live in the era of Taylor, or worse not even know that one day there was this man Taylor, much less about the evolution of the administration, an interviewer, employer, psychologist should see the candidates, to value them and exercise compassion as we are in the PEOPLE MANAGEMENT.

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